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The loss of resources or damage to assets (life, property, information, environment and goodwill) as a resultof unexpected and undesirable actions or events from the elements of high prevalence social vices in our society today resulting to theft, burglary, vandalism, fire, terrorism whose impart adversely poses a threat on our homes, properties, events and businesses are inconsistently consistently with adverse negative impacts. Overwhelmingly, the perpetrators or culprits are becoming more advanced and sophisticated in their tools, skills and mode of operations....read more

In the face of the prevailing diverts and increasingly ambiguous threats in our society today, the Celebrities, Politicians, CEO’s, Dignitaries and their loved ones suffer the resultant effects. Hemans Security is therefore equal to these challenges by delivering realistic VIP’s security details that keep the client and their love ones safer and protected in the face of these threats.

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We recruit professional drivers, undergo background check, re-train and re-orient them to meet the require standard behavior and driving skills before outsourcing them to clients. ...read more

Where personal or business valuables e.g.  old documents, precious items or household properties or business stock for almost zero inventory holdings and supplied chain management within the classes of Non Consumables or Non Perishables are involved, and where strict or confidential secure storage or however, a specified storage conditions like dry or air conditioning storage facilities etc areneeded, Hemans Security, provides such realistic secure storage and warehousing facilities. ..read more

In reality, for any business to sustainably stand the taste of decades, it’s a function of adhere periodic risk assessment and management process. Through the process opportunities are being visible before the business just as threats and uncertainty could be vulnerable. ...read more

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Our Vision

To be Nigeria and indeed Africa most premier private security organisations providing realistic and sustainable intelligence, movement and protection to clients assets.

Our Mission

To secure clients assets sustainably, delivering solutions and rewards for their today’s generation without leaving their tomorrow a poorer and insecure generation.

Core Value

  • Adhere professional ethics
  • Adhere best practices
  • Adhere respect to clients, partners, employees and others.

About Us

Hemans Security Services Limited, RC: 1782265 is an indigenous private security organization rooted with international world of academy and combating best practices in the security and protective field. We are optimally committed to providing realistic strategic intelligence and innovative technical solutions to clients’ ever growing challenges of insecurity threatening and hampering their movement, safety and protection of their Assets (People, Property, Information and environment)…learn more

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