Outsourcing of Drivers & Training

We recruit professional drivers, undergo background check, re-train and re-orient them to meet the require standard behavior and driving skills before outsourcing them to clients.

Our outsource and hire drivers are professional chauffeurs, as well as Executive and Security Drivers. They are of high ethical conducts, well trained on First Aid and CRR, Confrontational Avoidance, Defensive and Evasive Driving skills and Risk based mitigation which guarantee their survival before any threatening situation while on the wheel 

We outsource to Private Individual, Corporate/multinational Organizations, and government:etc

 Our mode of outsourcing are Part-time Hire and Full-time dedicated engagements:


Where the client has his or her own vehicle and wish to have a professional driver drives him or her at the comfort of his or her to a given task or occasion, trip or journey within hours, days, weeks or away for months we provide drivers accordingly.


Where a client wishes to have a dedicated driver under contract for his or her private or official driving needs we equally provide accordingly.

Our drivers are well vetted with background checks . Clients certainly do not have any cause to worry about the sincerity and trust to our drivers.

Driving school

Drivers Training

School of Driving and Management


Hemans Security has the Advanced Training Programs.
This programs is designed for people of appreciable years of driving experienced who wishes to grow a career (Professional) in driving. The training covered the entire Art and Applied Sciences of Security Driving Skills to includes; Instinctive Driving, Defensive and Evasive Driving, Close Protection Driving, high Risk Convoys Drills, Vehicle Evaluation and Performance, Use of Force, Medical emergency and administration , Confrontational Avoidance/Safe Behavior as well as high ethical conduct etc.
The training is strictly for drivers, driving Chief Executives/VIPs, Armored Vehicle Driving, Cash-in-Transit and valuables driving, Law enforcement agencies/firearms men, and the government/Convey driving.