Security Guards Services

Hemans Security Guard

The loss of resources or damage to assets (life, property, information, environment and goodwill) as a resultof unexpected and undesirable actions or events from the elements of high prevalence social vices in our society today resulting to theft, burglary, vandalism, fire, terrorism whose impart adversely poses a threat on our homes, properties, events and businesses are inconsistently consistently with adverse negative impacts. Overwhelmingly, the perpetrators or culprits are becoming more advanced and sophisticated in their tools, skills and mode of operations. Basically, Hemans Security is equally getting even more overwhelmingly acquaintance with the high technological tools and expertisethrough continual research and improvement of operational personnel’s to contain and counter all these prevalence actsinorder to safeguard clients and their assets against the resultant effects of these social vices.

In Hemans Security, from our management team as well as operational protective and patrol personnel’sto theuse of enhanced and advanced technological tools of access control, monitoring surveillance cameras and Alarm systems, and down to high sense of risk based approach and application we keep vigil and intelligence that confers the trust and guaranteed realistic protection of clients assets at all time.

Under our Security Guards department, we have divisions for each of the sub-services therein as below:

Hemans Security Services

Security Guards Services:

  • Static Armed Guards (Mopol)
  • Loss Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Patrolling
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Locks
  • Etc

Information Security:

  • Soft wares
  • Cyber Security
  • Data protection
  • Bio Metric
  • Passwords
  • Cards Identification
  • Etc
Access Control
Electronic Security

Electronic Security:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Video & Camera
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Monitoring and Tracking Systems
  • Fire & Safety, Etc.