Secure Storage Facilities

Where personal or business valuables e.g. old documents, precious items or household properties or business stock for almost zero inventory holdings and supplied chain management within the classes of Non Consumables or Non Perishables are involved, and where strict or confidential secure storage or however, a specified storage conditions like dry or air conditioning storage facilities etc areneeded, Hemans Security, provides such realistic secure storage and warehousing facilities.

We designed our secure storages in various forms and capacities. E.g. we have secure lockers for documents and smaller valuables items, individually partitioned secure spaces as well as larger spaces specified according to different classes and characteristics of items.

All items and properties to be stored are being internally provided with systematic packaging, labelling, identification tags, stacking and inventory records for easy retrieval where needed back by the clients.

Secured Storage Facilities

Adequate security measures are in place to safeguard the internal and external coverage of the facilities like CCTV surveillance cameras, security guardsmen and patrol team/systems, with 24/7 hours control room vigil for maximum full value protection.

Individual spaces are highly affordable at short, medium and long term rental. We also have logistics van to deliver to clients accordingly to their needs.