VIP’s Protection & Escort

VIP Protection

In the face of the prevailing diverts and increasingly ambiguous threats in our society today, the Celebrities, Politicians, CEO’s, Dignitaries and their loved ones suffer the resultant effects. Hemans Security is therefore equal to these challenges by delivering realistic VIP’s security details that keep the client and their love ones safer and protected in the face of these threats.

In our expertise, a given protective objective is however, an embodiment of thorough risks assessment and mitigations, journey management and connaissance planning, discreet surveillance, as well as corresponding tactical responses and best use of firearms when necessary. Also, our drivers are security drivers, they are well skilled and vested with defensive and evasive driving skills as well as high risk drills driving to achieve any objective within the right state of the clients mind and without any injury when on wheel.

Our Escort services ranges from low profile (1 or 2cars) to medium profile (3 to 4cars) and, to very high profile (5 to 7cars and above).  In all, fire-armed officials are provided accordingly for maximum protection.

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